Thursday, April 21, 2011

Introducing Emily

Hi there! I’m Emily!

I never thought of myself as athletic. Ever. I played recreational soccer from age 5 to 16, but I loathed going to practice. I loved the competition, but the training always irked me. Running drills? No thanks - I’d rather just play the games on Saturdays! Running the mile? It was my least favorite part of elementary school gym!

So, why am I going to train for a half marathon? I have started fitness regimens with great gusto – even going so far as to hire a personal trainer for a few months on a very tight budget – and then I go back to my old habits just as soon as I face a setback. In the last 7 years, my weight has fluctuated almost 40 pounds… and I’m seeing the highest numbers on the scales that I’ve ever seen.

I need to get fit. I want to be a healthy weight. I want to feel confident in my clothes. I want to set a goal – a big goal like a half marathon – and accomplish it.

My parents trained for a marathon (the whole 26.2 mile shebang) over 10 years ago and while I was impressed, I didn’t understand just how much of a commitment that was! But I’m ready for this. I have great companions along the way and I’m going to go for this half marathon. Oh, and I will be wearing a tiara and a tutu during those 13.1 miles.

Why the blog? I want the accountability and, as Julie said, we need support and sponsors to do this. Since I don’t have the allergies that Julie does, my focus on the blog will be on healthy eating on a budget, finding the time to work out with a busy schedule, and, well, anything else that I feel like talking about!

Why the Disney Princess Half Marathon? We want to do it because their whole weekend promotes health and fitness for women and we love the magic of Disney. We want to celebrate our journey to a healthy lifestyle by running like princesses. Time to run like a girl!


  1. Hi Emily! I know you didn't ask for healthy eating tips but my favorite one is to cut up a whole crapload of veggies all at once and put them in tupperware or ziplocs. Then when you need a snack healthy food is THERE and READY and you can just EAT IT. It's so much easier to eat healthfully when raw veggies are suddenly the EASY option. I know it sounds dumb but it's done wonders for my eating habits!! :)

  2. Yay! Go for it! And don't get duped into buying fancy running gear that you don't need. All you need is a couple of good sports bras and some good running shoes!

  3. Yay Emily! Go for it! I'd be happy to be your running buddy while you are in Madison. =) I, too, have experienced fluctuations, short flashes of gusto, and limited success with my "get fit" plans in the past... so I look forward to reading about your accomplishments and using them as my own motivation to get out there and get in better shape!

  4. agreed on the fancy gear...but there are a few things i HIGHLY recommend...wicking clothes will save you from heat rashes and Body Glide (you can get this at any running store or if you're in Chicago, your local Uncle Dan's...) to avoid chafing and road rash. it's gross...and itchy...and looks disgusting...oh. and merino socks (i.e. smartwool. they'll save your feet. they don't stink and they keep you from getting blisters...i learned the hard way when i did the breast cancer walk...