Friday, June 10, 2011

Post-Workout Eats

Hi Everyone! Julie here! 

I work out after work, so by the time I'm home it's time for dinner. I'm super lazy in the kitchen and I never want to cook anything that's going to take a long time. Also, by the time I'm home it's usually close to 8pm and I don't want to eat too much later than that in my evening!

For a long time, I felt kind of sick and not at all hungry after a workout. I blamed this on being out of shape, but it stopped almost instantly when I stared wearing a latex free sports bra.

I started making myself a cucumber and beet salad and it's become my favorite post-workout meal.

I mix together...

1/2 can of beets
1/4 - 1/3 of a can of chick peas (sometimes I use quinoa instead)
1 or 2 sliced Persian cumbers (you can use any cucumbers, I just like the little Persian ones)
2 Tbls. of crumbled feta cheese

Partly due to stuff I'm allergic to and partly due to just plain not liking it, I never use salad dressing. I'm not sure what kind you'd put on this if you wanted to...maybe Greek dressing?  I find that the feta cheese and the beets do a good job of flavoring everything without any additional dressing. Pitfalls of this meal? I tend to be heavy handed with the cheese and it ends up not being as healthy a salad as it could be. A little feta goes a long way, so you really only need a tablespoon or two.....but I tend to 'accidentally' use a lot a little more than that.

What's your favorite post-workout meal or snack?

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