Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Running while well-endowed

So, what does someone need when they start running? One of our first commenters suggested that all a new runner needs is “shoes and a good sports bra.”

Even though we see many commercials for performance-enhancing shoes of all types, I have never had a hard time finding shoes that fit and serve their purpose.

Bras on the other hand… ugh.

What is a girl to do when she’s… ahem… well-endowed? Running without the right bra is AWFUL. (Heck, doing ANYTHING without the right bra is awful.) And what is the right bra? If you do a quick search online, you can see that the statistics vary on how many women are currently wearing the incorrect size bra, but it’s a staggering number (over 50%)!

I do NOT have the luxury of running in to any store and picking out the cutest and cheapest bras.I think the cheapest bra I ever purchased (that fit me correctly) was on sale for $30, and I was super excited to find that price. I used to go to a specialty store, where I got a professional fitting for all of my bras. There should be someone at every department store that is trained in bra fittings and I would totally recommend taking an advantage of that if you can!

I’ve heard of women with large chests wearing a double layer of sports bras, which I admit is something I have never tried. However, I decided to bite the bullet and shell out the money for some Enell bras. I forget where I first saw that brand, but it’s quite possible I first saw it on Oprah (I know she did a special on bra fitting). I have two of them right now and I’ve been quite pleased with them over the past few years. I have felt much more stable in secure in these bras than in anything else I’ve tried. They do come with a “more than average” price tag, but for the quality and stability, I have found them worth every penny!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for creating this post, these bras are just the only product I have found to work for me.


  1. Yep - this is something I have trouble with. Oh to be able to walk into any womans shop and buy my size at the same price as all these teeny prices. Or for the shop to even have my size *sigh*

    Am just starting and don't have my sports bra yet so am jogging and um - yeah it's not comfortable.

  2. I'm with you Carmen, they never have my size! It's so funny about wearing the wrong bra size. They always measure me and then when they realize they don't carry my size, they try to sell me other sizes....

    Running while well-endowed just sucks. I want to say you get used to it, but there are times that I've quit runs because of it (although, I do endorse the doubling up method). I guess I should try Enell!

    Also, try Nordstrom Rack for some of the impossible to find bra sizes for 30ish, instead of 60+. I was pleasantly surprised to find both my pre-preggers and preggers sizes, which are super hard to find (especially for reasonable prices).