Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting Stuff Done + Giveaway Winner and COUPON CODE!!!

Happy Monday!

First, our T-Shirt Giveaway winner is Diana. Congrats! Diana, you will be hearing from MK Design Haus soon with details regarding your prize! Didn't win? NO WORRIES! MK Design Haus is offering a special discount code just for our readers!! Use code RUN4IT to get 5% off your order now through 5/31/2011.

We will have YET ANOTHER giveaway later this week, so stay tuned!!!

Last week I (Julie) started out really great until the weekend. I ran 5 days this week, completing the week 4 of the C25K program twice in full, and tossing caution aside and running for a full 15 min non-stop on one occasion. I had two events with lots of eating over the weekend which, with the exception or a cake splurge, I thought I made decent choices, all things considered. Except my scale does not agree. This week I am participating in the Chicago JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge through my work. It is a 3.5 mile walk/run (I'm registered to walk) through the city. I'm just doing it for fun-- I'm not ready to run/race yet, but I figured it was a good way to start myself into these sorts of things. Over the weekend I have some family in town so I'm hoping I manage to make it through without gaining back all the weight I've lost. (Seriously.....if you know my family, you now this is a real concern.......we like to eat...)

Emily says....

This week had some give and take. When I started running outside, it was very discouraging, but Friday's run was much better! I think I'm going to do Week 4 over again, because I could never complete the second 5-minute run, but I did come very close! Every now and then, I am spicing up my "off" days with a workout DVD, which gives me some nice variety. I also need to start a strength routine. Hmmm... I should get working on that! Weight has stayed largely the same, due to me going out to eat with friends and family now that I'm back in town. That will change soon, and I should be back on the weight loss track by the next check-in!!
**Edit** I finished a Week 4 run this morning! Woohoo!!

How are your goals and projects coming?? Let us know. (New to "Getting Stuff Done"? More info here.)


  1. Thanks to everyone for supporting me and my design for the shirts, as well as being VERY supportive of the runners here! Kudos and good wishes on their goals for the princess run! Also, if you purchase a t-shirt, you're giving back to the MD SPCA or the MD chapter of the MS Society, so thank you in advance for supporting us!

  2. I highly recommend for strength training! I guess I just never really got into lifting weights, and I found that through that program I became stronger and more fit than I did when I weight trained 3X per week (in HS). But I am not any sort of fitness expert, so I'm probably missing some major muscle groups or something :-). I can only go on how I feel!