Friday, May 20, 2011

Inside and Outside

Hey, it's Emily again! Sorry I've been kind of MIA, I moved back to Ohio from Wisconsin for the summer and finished up final exams in the last two weeks. It hasn't left me a lot of time to blog! Thanks to Julie for picking up the slack!

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Oh, the sheltered world of the gym. I had been using the gym at my university, but since I’m back in Ohio for the summer, I have no free access to a gym. I am seriously going to miss the treadmill.

What? you may say, She is going to miss the treadmill? Who actually likes treadmills anyway? But, as someone who loves to have control, the treadmill was great for me because:

  • I could see exactly how far I had gone
  • I could choose exactly how fast I would go
  • I could control the incline
  • I could look at average pace, calories burned, and other fun stats like that
  • The treadmill was inside, in a (mostly) climate-controlled environment

I went out walking with my mom on Wednesday. She’s working toward a different goal (hiking), so we walked a hilly route for about 3.5 miles before I started out on my “run.” I had ABSOLUTELY no idea how different running outside would be. I had to keep a strict eye on the second hand of my watch, I had no idea how fast I was going, and I did not get too far before I realized I had been pushing too hard - I was completely out of breath and my legs were not happy. UGH! How frustrating!!

It’s not like I can avoid this transition to outside, but I was not prepared for it! Now that I know what I am facing, here’s how I’m going to fix some of the things that I didn't address before transitioning outside:

  • I will use a podcast or my own mix of music that will tell me when I should be running/walking. This will allow me not to focus on my watch, but to focus on the road, my pace, and my breathing.
  • I will map out my run ahead of time on Google Maps,, or something similar, so that I know the mileage for different roads (and then I can figure out how fast I need to get down certain roads to maintain the pace I want).
  • I need to keep the weather in mind! It’s been chilly here lately, so I had to borrow a long-sleeved running shirt from my mom the other day. I know it will start getting pretty muggy and warm in the mornings, so I’ll make sure I’m out and running before it gets too hot! (I also need to not avoid going out when it's raining!!)
Does anyone have more advice for this transition from inside to outside?


  1. Yep, as you learned, running outside is a LOT different than running on a treadmill... and as I told Julie in an e-mail, in many ways it's harder, but you also need to do it because the half marathon will not be on a treadmill. ;) As for advice, I think you're on the right track... I map out everything in Google maps, down to the half mile, so I know right where my markers are. I have a nice pedometer watch that isn't always 100% accurate but is pretty dang close now that I have it calibrated correctly for me. It also shows calories burned and I have to say that's a HUGE encouragement for me. :)

    Another thing I'd suggest is that if you feel like stopping, don't ever stop when you first feel like it... force yourself to get to the end of the block or the top of the hill or whatever. Soooo many times--at least more than half the time--once I get there I don't feel like stopping anymore and can keep going. This might not apply yet for you if you're still on the C25K program and you're following a run-walk-run-walk timeline, but it will later on when you're adding in more distance work.

    I'll also add that you should know in advance that some days are just going to be hard, and some days are just going to be easier. (You notice it a lot more outside than on a treadmill.) Don't get discouraged when it feels a lot harder than it has been... it could be that you didn't get enough sleep, or didn't eat the right foods, or hormonal stuff, or whatever. Just keep at it!

    I could go on and on so I'll stop now and just keep my eye open as you continue to post to see if there's anything else I can add. :) Good job and good luck!! :)

  2. My husband uses this website to track his runs:

    Have you thought about getting a runner's watch so you could check your stats? Once again, my husband uses this:

    Saying "my husband" twice kinda made me want to get out there today... only 11 days of school left, and "couch to 5k" begins :)