Tuesday, May 31, 2011

JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge 2011

First - CONGRATS to Sarah, winner of our Girl Shot Shirts Giveaway!

I (Julie) mentioned previously that I took part in the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge as a non-competitive walker/jogger.  As my first race in a very very long time, it was a good 'warm-up', though I use that term loosely, as it was FREEZING. Chicago was pummeled with rain this past week, and had temperatures in the low 40s (Fahrenheit)  on race day. My two race buddies and I debated not going, as it was pouring rain up until about a hour to start time, but I'm glad we decided to go. Due to the weather and the huge crowd, we jogged very little and mostly walked, with a finishing time of 54 min.  As our purpose was just to have a good time, our mission was accomplished!

Here are some pictures from the race......

 Proof I used a port-a-potty. This is a big deal. (I fear germs)

 Pre-race smiles! (or maybe we were just frozen like that, I'm not sure)

 Keeping warm...

Run, Julie, Run!! (Ok, we staged this, I just ran for the camera. BUT, we did run a little.) 

Note: Short people are not good at the 'put your arm out and take your own photo' thing.

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  1. It looks like you had a very fun time! : ) Way to go!