Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Check In - Getting Stuff Done


Julie here! And I'll admit it: running is getting the better of me.  I keep trying, and I feel like I'm making no progress. I got to a point where I could run 15 min. without stopping, and I feel like I'm regressing. I hit the 8 min. mark and I loose all steam. I'm wondering if part of it is diet-- I hit a bad string of allergic reactions and defaulted back to some less healthy options this week. Sometimes, for me, this is necessary to get things back on track-- once my digestive tract decides it's not happy with something, it kind of hates everything until I give it a fruit/veggie break, so I wasn't exactly, um, I guess, 'absorbing' much fuel. But, now I'm good, so I need to tighten up the diet again.  That being said, this week I am down .7lbs, which takes care of the .5 lbs I put on last week. I'm hoping to get the running back in shape, too. But, I'm not going to lie-- I keep waiting to like running, and I don't. Any tips anyone has on this are more than welcome!!

Emily says.......

I went for a run in the steamy, steamy morning on Tuesday right before going on vacation . The rest of the week I was at Hocking Hills with my extended family doing hikes but also doing an obscene amount of lounging around. Perhaps all of the laughing and talking burned off some serious calories, because I only gained a pound, even with the copious amount of food that was always being consumed at the cabin! Now I'm preparing for my job directing a summer camp, but I'm back home and can get in my running groove again!

How about you? How are your goals/projects going?


  1. Julie,
    I don't know about running but with the athletic activities that I do (hiking, snowshoeing, cycling, skiing, etc.) I have a trick that absolutely works to get past that point of "I can't go on" and into the fun part. This is particularly good if you don't have to concentrate on much else besides putting one foot on front of the other. When I start feeling tired, I start counting, usually by the step or push of the pedals, but so long as the counting is in a rhythm it's good. I tell myself, no stopping until I count to x (some arbitrary number -- usually 100). And then when I reach my number, I ask myself if I can extend the number -- count to 2x or something like that -- and I usually find that I can, because the rhythm of counting has gotten me over feeling like I can't go on. And then, once you've gone a certain amount, I find (and I know a lot of other people do too) that you reach a "zen state" where you stop being out of breath, your muscles stop screaming, and you just get into the rhythm of movement. You just have to trick yourself into making it through the pain before then ;). I actually learned the counting trick from my mom, who used to do it when she was at the dentist having something not nice done to her mouth.
    Hopefully that's a helpful suggestion!

  2. Seriously I don't know how you find the motivation to run for even 15 minutes. I get really super bored or start thinking about everything I need to do and stop. Walking is my thing I guess.

  3. Bix gave some good advice! It's all about tricking yourself to get to that point where it's enjoyable. That being said, the first mile for me is a constant battle to not turn around and go home (I make sure I start out running away from home for at least a mile).

    I always LOVED running when it was with other people. It took me years to start enjoying running alone. Like 10 years. I started liking it when I quit caring about how fast I was going (it wasn't fast) and totally gave up on finding people to run with (like my non-running spouse).

    Even if you can get someone who is a faster runner to join you for part of your workout it might help. I joined my neighbor on some of her C25K runs and would just run more afterwards.

    As for hitting the wall, maybe you can go back and do some of the easier C25K workouts? It might boost your confidence and excitement about the program to see how easy those beginning workouts are now!

    And there's also a chance you might not ever like running. There are many people who just hate it! I used to think people who said they LOVED running were lying. Now, I think that people do love running (I do), but not every run, 100% of the time. Most exercise that's worth a damn is hard. Running is the only thing I like that's hard. My elliptical stays on the lowest resistance, I don't really give it my all in exercise classes, because upping the resistance or trying hard then makes those activities hard (and then I won't like doing them). The point is, running might not be the "hard thing" that you can actually stand to do. BUT I think you should give it a little bit longer. You can quit after the 1/2 marathon! :-)