Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Check In - Getting Stuff Done


No, seriously-- I don't know how Monday is happening right now. Last week was a bit of a fitness disaster, as important things were going on in my evenings when I usually go to the gym, and the rain gods saw fit to make it rain almost every morning when I woke up to try and get in a run before work. It was not for lack of me trying to run, though! I ended up with two runs and one evening of helping a friend spackle / sand a wall, which I'm counting as an arm workout. (What, that TOTALLY counts, right?? RIGHT????) I spent Friday and Saturday indulging in college nostalgia with a visit to my old Alma Matter in Bloomington, IN.There was much eating in this adventure, as well as much walking, so I came out ok in the end.The scale is showing a very very very gradual progression downward, so I can't complain.

I look forward to kicking it back into high gear this week. I went back to a 5 min run / 2 min walk / 5 min run / 2 min walk / 5 min run pattern and it's helping me get back some of the confidence I was loosing by trying for the 20-25 min runs I'm supposed to be doing right now. The counting method suggested by Bix in last week's comments has also been really helpful! (Thanks, Bix) I also FINALLY saw the physical therapist last week, and even after just a few days of the exercises and stretches she gave me, the knee is a zillion times better. It was kinda way better already after working with the trainer at my gym and I almost cancelled my appointment with the therapist, but I'm glad I didn't. It was really interesting for someone who has never 1) done any sports and 2) never been to a physical therapist, to watch someone inspect how I move/run/walk and come up with reasons why things hurt and/or don't move correctly.

Emily Says......

Happy Birthday to me! I am officially the age of decreasing insurance premiums and where I can rent a car without an extra "youth" fee. (Is there anything else cool about being 25 besides that and being able to say "QUARTER CENTURYYYY!" in your best British accent?) My sleep patterns have been all screwy leading up to my month-long camp experience, which starts imminently, so I haven't gotten the runs in that I hoped I would. I know I'll need to go out running during camp or else (a) I will lose everything I've built up until now and (b) my stress level will be off the charts. I'm looking forward to that alone time and to keeping up my stamina! Wish me luck (and pray that I only eat a small piece of birthday cake today)!
How about you?? How are you doing with getting stuff done??

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  1. the weeks are flying. i'm thinking that i may just need to make a calendar to fit it all in. me. a calendar. yikes. however, it does feel really good crossing things off...