Thursday, June 2, 2011

Running Shoes

When I (Emily) first started running, the only thing people said we needed was a good bra and some running shoes. I found a bra that works well for me and I thought I was set. However, my current sneakers were ones that I wore for everyday walking as well as running, and I was starting to notice some wear and tear on my shoes:

I never really thought that it was that hard to pick out shoes, but I figured I had better get some advice from an expert so I don't mess up my feet or knees, and therefore my running goals!

I went into a local running shop and told them I was looking for new shoes. It's quite amazing when you get into a place that knows what they're doing instead of just walking into a shoe store and picking out the prettiest color shoe! The representative took my shoe, looked at the wear and tear on the shoe, and then evaluated my gait. She measured my feet and then went to pull a few pairs of shoes. I tried on a few pairs of shoes, and then eventually settled on a new pair of shoes:

Aren't they shiny and pretty?

I did not know that I had a "neutral" gait, but apparently I do! Thanks to that evaluation, I know that I have a few different options for shoes. I'll need at least one more pair before I run the half marathon, so now I know what to look for and what to purchase!

I would highly recommend going in to a running shop and getting a shoe fitting!

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