Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm baaaaack!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the extremely long hiatus, but I was busy directing an international camp/peace program for about 70 people from 14 different countries. I had extremely high hopes about getting up early and running at least 3 days a week while I was there... It turns that out I was so busy that I was lucky if I got a shower every day, much less a 30-40 minute run AND a shower! Yikes!

Despite being insanely busy with paperwork, I did manage to keep my weight under relatively steady throughout the month. I can't say I ate the best all the time (we had surprisingly good camp food and lots of desserts!), but the overwhleming stress of the month and consistently walking around the campsite to take care of things helped me not gain weight!

I am currently down about 15 pounds from when I first started on the blog! Yay!

Exercise: I have to admit I'm a little scared to get back outside and see how much stamina I've lost... Not to mention the fact that I'm intimidated by the extremely yucky temperatures we've had lately. I'll have to go out early when the sun isn't as brutal! I also started going to a Zumba class twice a week with my mom at her church... Zumba often makes me feel like an uncoordinated giraffe, tripping over my own awkward limbs, but sometimes I can really get in the groove and have fun dancing around.

I'm excited to be back!

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  1. Haha. Hilarious! Welcome back and congrats on the weight loss!

    15 pounds! You guys are doing great.

    I think everyone feels that way when they do Zumba, well maybe not like a giraffe because not everyone is tall, but silly nonetheless. Besides, working out with other people is a great way to hold yourself accountable. I am dying for a workout partner!