Thursday, July 21, 2011

Running outside: How hot is too hot?

Holy heatwave, Batman!!!!

Chicago, like a lot of places these past couple of weeks, as been averaging temperatures well into the 90's, with heat the heat index hovering in between 100-115* F. Even in the mornings, it's in surplus of 80* and humidity levels have been 80+%.

So-- runners out there-- at what point to we say IT IS TOO HOT to run?

The past few weeks have been so busy that I've been *trying* to get up early and run/walk before work to make up for some missed workouts in the evenings due to so much stuff going on. But, the past two weeks, I've nixed the outside stuff due to heat. Am I doing the right thing? I see runners outside, looking like they want to die, and I tell myself that I am making the right decision. But then I wonder if I'm just being a pansy.



  1. Running inside still counts in my book. The heat doesn't scare me, but the cold sends me screaming inside, until January when the gym fills up with people walking on all the treadmills. I am ashamed about how much hatred I have for the NY Resolutioners taking up the treadmills with walking. I don't get angry easily, traffic doesn't bother me, but the NY Resolutioners walking on the treadmill burn up my insides. I probably need therapy.

    Anyways, run on the treadmill! Who cares! If you aren't used to the heat, you can cause some serious health problems by pushing yourself too hard (even if you are used to it, this can happen). If you are going to run outside, be aware of the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke so you know when to stop. But also, keep going! Be careful of the excuses that come out and build up so easily (I'm sooo guilty of this). Out with the I'm too busy and it's too hot and remember how great you feel after you complete a workout. I need to take my advice and put to rest the "I'm too tired" excuse. I feel SO much better when I exercise. The excuses are taking over my life! Blah!

  2. Running in extreme temps can be dangerous. Take into consideration the average temp of the human body once it gets past say 85 outside and humidity it can really do a number on your system. It's ok to run indoors-try something new like P90X or Insanity....just a thought! Don't give up!