Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tales of a Running Slacker

So, I've been a bit of a slacker.

I went home to visit my parents in Detroit from last Thursday until Yesterday. Due to packing, getting stuff done to leave, being gone, etc., the last time I went for a run was last Tuesday. Shame on me. I had mapped routs by my parents house to run while I was there, but it just didn't happen. I took the dog for a two mile walk on Friday, but that was it. Shockingly, I didn't gain any weight while I was gone, (YAY!), but the running has suffered. My plan was to get back on the wagon tonight, but friend just offered me a ticket to see U2 for FREE, so, uh, DUH, I'm not running.

So tomorrow I get back on the wagon. Tomorrow I run. I think I'll ease back in with the week 5, day 1 pattern of run 5, walk 3. I'm a little scared that this is going to hurt REAL BAD, but, it must be done.

Next Monday I'll be back on track with getting the 'Getting Stuff Done' posts up, for those of you following along!

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  1. Have you thought of trying a different program? Jeff Galloway has some running programs (I've never tried, but always been intrigued and annoyed during races by runners clearly following his walk/run strategy). Please correct me if I'm wrong, I don't know much about his programs, but I believe he never cuts out the walk breaks! So, it would allow you to conquer longer distances with the goal being distance rather than consecutive minutes running. Oh also he claims that his programs help prevent running injuries!

    I thought of a trick I do. It's similar to the counting, but instead, I say I'll walk at that stop sign (pick random thing in the distance) and usually when I get there, I just pick another object in the landscape to go after! Good luck!