Thursday, August 4, 2011

Boot camp!

My mom has been going to a fitness boot camp that she found through an online coupon company. While I am still at home before going back to grad school, I decided to join her since the instructors allowed us to pay for a half-month.

The class starts about 4 hours earlier than I've been getting up lately... Ouch. I guess it will get me back on track for getting up to get to classes on time!

The boot camp itself consists of 8 stations (they change each session) and you do one exercise at each station, run a lap, and move to the next station and do total of 3 rounds of the stations.

It. Is. Killing. Me.

I threw up in one session and after the other this week and ended up taking a nap both days after I got a shower. Man oh man.

My mom is looking more toned after 8 weeks, and I am hoping that this boot camp will get me jump-started on my exercise schedule again... if I'm not too sore to move. ;)


  1. I guess the one great thing about living in Wisconsin is that it won't be super hot when you go home and running outside might be fun and less challenging :-).

  2. GO Emily! You can do it. Boot camp classes scare the crap out of me. There are always groupons for them and I'm like, NO THANK YOU.