Friday, August 12, 2011

Elvis is ALIVE!!!!!!!!

Last night I ran (and by ran I mean ran and walked and ran again and the walked and then ran again and really walked most of it) the Chicago 'Elvis is Alive 5K' with my friend Erin (who is awesome).  Things that are awesome about this race:
  •  It allowed me to take half a day off work to hang out with Erin and the NOT feel guilty about our impressive calorie consumption due to running 5K.
  • It is a non-competitive race, so it's designed for fun and it is OK to walk. Thus, it brings out people of all ages. I was lapped by many old men and small children. I think I should be ashamed of that, but I'm taking it as a badge of honor. :-) (For the record, and to preserve her honor, Erin really runs and finished in very respectable time.)
  • People dress up like Elvis to run the race. (HILARIOUS!) Erin and I did not dress up, but were planning on sequinsing it up until we were DISMAYED to find out we know NO ONE who owns a Bedazzler. How do we not know anyone who owns a bedazzler???
  • At the end, they give you beer and frozen bananas dipped in chocolate. This is brilliant. I can't consume either of said items, but it's awesome in theory.
  • AND-- if you do things with Erin, she is your social media coordinator and tweets, facebooks and takes photos so you don't have to. It's GENIUS. :-)
 Pre-Race photo....I like how the sun makes it look like I'm some kind of superhero who can materialize/dematerialize.

 Fun with shadows. By the porta-pottys. OK, so maybe we could have chose a better location.

We hadn't stretched yet, but we made sure we were IDed and ready for the post-race beer.

Elvis Sighting!!!!!

Elvis Sighting!!!!!

Elvis Sighting!!!!!

Me, at the finish line, wondering why the hell I agreed to run a race.......

Finish line BEER!!! I smile because I'm done. Erin smiles because she knows she gets both beers.
I pout at you, beer to which I am allergic!!!


  1. I love this post! I had such a good time. And even though you didn't run all of it, I still thought you finished in a respectable time as well.

  2. You two are the best kind of people. I'm also jealous oh how great you both look. Cheers!

  3. Congrats on finishing!! I was going to run it, but I was injured last week and reluctantly decided to forego the event :( SO sad!

  4. Cool post, it was a lot of fun! BTW you just got a mention on the Fleet Feet Chicago Facebook page.

  5. Stopping in from Julie's blog. Sounds like a fun race, I need to look harder in my area for fun runs.

  6. Actually I'm stopping in from Erin's blog. Duh. Sorry.