Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Update- Getting Stuff Done


There's not much to update since my "I'm baaaaaack!" post. I'm getting in the workout groove again and figuring out what to do in my remaining two weeks at home before going back up to grad school. So far, the plan includes a lot of sleep, visiting friends, and figuring out how to pack up everything that I brought home... Hmmmmm...


OK- I have some confessions to make. First - I hate running. Second - I'm trying really hard not to hate running. Third- I'm not running the Princess 1/2 marathon in February. Before you chastise me, let me explain. The idea of running 13.1 miles has always daunted me. I told Emily, at first, that I'd see how I did and if we could wrangle any advertisers/sponsors and take it from there. At first I thought I could pull 13.1 miles out of myself with sheer spite for those who told me I couldn't do it. Turns out, my spite isn't that mighty. Still, I wanted to keep going. But, now, things are getting complicated with work and schedules and taking some time off to travel to the race in February is looking less and less likely to happen. So I officially threw in my Princess towel. Emily is not so happy with me. :-(


Here is the rest of the story-- The daunting nature of trying to train for the race as taking away my desire to workout. Knowing I can go to they gym and not have to concentrate only on running is renewing my motivation to go to the gym. I didn't realize how much the pressure of trying to make myself a runner was effecting things until 1) I pulled out of the race and 2) I told myself it is OK to walk the 5K I'm doing next week with Erin. I've been dreading this 5K ever since the weather turned upwards of 90 degrees and telling myself I can walk is making me happier.

So, where is all this leading? It's leading to me, still trying to do some running, but also trying to find some workout balance. I have a friend who wants to do the Chicago 1/2 marathon next spring and I haven't totally written that off, but, let's be honest, I probably will. I still plan to do a few posts here on occasion, but mostly you will be hearing from Emily as she prepares for the race, because she is awesome.

What about you? How are all of you doing with your projects?


  1. I follow Hal Higdon's running plans and even though he is a super marathoner, he says it's just fine to walk part or all of a race. I mean, walking doesn't make it any less than 3.1 miles!

  2. Yes! I agree. I love adding walks to my runs. But it seems like you're really happy without the pressure of becoming a runner. In the end, your main goal was a lifestyle change, right? And if running is prohibiting you from accomplishing that, then don't do it. That being said, it took me a long time before I was able to enjoy running. I had to run through the hatred of it. I'm glad I didn't quit, but there are lots of other ways to exercise. Do what makes you happy!

    I posted my getting stuff done! Come visit my blog and help me name my baby :-).