Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Update

Hello everyone, it's Emily!

Sorry for the radio silence last week, but I was busy moving up to Wisconsin and arranging my new apartment! What's the best feature of my new room (well, for the purpose of this running blog, anyway)? A treadmill! While I'll continue running outside for now, this will mean that I can continue running even when it's snowing out (read: I'll have no excuse to stay in bed!). Granted, I could go to my university's gym, but with my class schedule this year, it's not as convenient to get to the gym and catch the right bus home.

I am back to cooking my own food. I had a lovely dinner with my roommate tonight. Oven roasted vegetables and some chicken. Nom nom nom! I'm looking forward to planning my healthy menu and seeing continued weight loss! Now I just have to purchase a scale so I can keep you all updated on how much weight I have lost!!

What have you been doing? Have you been Getting Stuff Done?

1 comment:

  1. I have a scale and I HATE IT! But if you aren't going to the gym, I guess you'll need one to track your progress. I just have a tendency to hop on every time I pass it. Ha. But I actually quit that nonsense a couple of weeks ago and now I only weigh myself before I go to the doctor, so it's not a surprise there.

    Perhaps, you can control yourself better than I can when it comes to the scale. Before I owned a scale, I had to turn on the Wii fit to weigh myself, which was far too much work to do often.

    You're lucky to have a treadmill at home! Just don't let it become a clothes rack!