Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bad week!

Oh, this week has been bad on the running front. Bad, bad, bad.

Long (and personal) story short: I'm on some medications right now and the side effects are driving me CRAZY. I am not sleeping well and so am consistently tired, but the medications are also making me jittery. The doctor says that running should help get some of the jitters out, but I've been so tired that I've hardly been able to think about going running, let alone get up the energy to do it.

I just need to get to bed early tonight and get up and see how I feel tomorrow morning. If I feel ok, I'll go running. If not, at least I'll try a walk. Baby steps.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting Stuff Done: Monday Update

Avast all ye landlubbers! (It's TLAP DAY!!! http://www.talklikeapirate.com/)

So sorry for the radio silence! After starting teaching my own class and taking my own classes, I'd been spending a ton of time preparing lessons and doing homework. It's been insaaaaaane!

However, I have been able to get out and get running a few times. The weather has been pretty nice and I went running along the lake. The last run I did made me feel really good - it had been a while since running made me feel like I accomplished something, versus just making me feel bad for taking time off in July!!

I have to keep focusing on my goal! There's only 5 months and just under a week left until the race!

Weight is also going in the right direction (I'm probably down another 1-2 lbs. since I last updated, but it fluctuates).

So, what have you been getting done?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another non-Monday "Monday Update"...

I will make the excuse that yesterday was a holiday for why I didn't post... Yes, of course... that's it!

I started teaching (!?!?) this week and am moderately terrified every day I go into the classroom. I'm thinking I'm going to need my runs to take out some of this nervous energy!

I have been getting A LOT of stuff done! Lesson plans, homework, reading, menu plans, cooking, shopping, and, yes, even some running!

Weight has been steadily going down (HURRAH!) and I'm now a total of 16 pounds down from when I began this blog! That's not stellar progress by any means, but it's progress and I'll take it.

So, what have you been doing?