Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another non-Monday "Monday Update"...

I will make the excuse that yesterday was a holiday for why I didn't post... Yes, of course... that's it!

I started teaching (!?!?) this week and am moderately terrified every day I go into the classroom. I'm thinking I'm going to need my runs to take out some of this nervous energy!

I have been getting A LOT of stuff done! Lesson plans, homework, reading, menu plans, cooking, shopping, and, yes, even some running!

Weight has been steadily going down (HURRAH!) and I'm now a total of 16 pounds down from when I began this blog! That's not stellar progress by any means, but it's progress and I'll take it.

So, what have you been doing?


  1. I did a good job setting some goals yesterday and accomplished very little today...well I wrote one of my paid projects but made little progress on the rest! These preggo hormones are killing me. I feel up up up and then down.

    16 pounds is a great accomplishment especially since you've been keeping it there! Losing weight is hard and you're doing it the right way. Slow but sustainable lifestyle changes :-).

  2. Running will definitely help your stress with teaching! I've been running in the morning two days a week and I'm definitely calmer in the classroom on those days.

  3. 16 pounds is great!! I need to get my mo-jo back, I've been slaking on the workouts and sneaking in some muffins. You are now my motivational guru. :-) Also? I need to hear all about the teaching!