Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting Stuff Done: Monday Update

Avast all ye landlubbers! (It's TLAP DAY!!!

So sorry for the radio silence! After starting teaching my own class and taking my own classes, I'd been spending a ton of time preparing lessons and doing homework. It's been insaaaaaane!

However, I have been able to get out and get running a few times. The weather has been pretty nice and I went running along the lake. The last run I did made me feel really good - it had been a while since running made me feel like I accomplished something, versus just making me feel bad for taking time off in July!!

I have to keep focusing on my goal! There's only 5 months and just under a week left until the race!

Weight is also going in the right direction (I'm probably down another 1-2 lbs. since I last updated, but it fluctuates).

So, what have you been getting done?

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