About Me

Hello there! I’m Emily! I am currently in graduate school up in chilly Wisconsin.

I started this blog with my cousin, Julie, in April of 2011. Julie decided that training for our original "big goal" of the Disney Princess Half Marathon was not her ultimate goal and bowed out of this blog (although her contributions are still in the archives).

I had started fitness regimens with great gusto in the past – even going so far as to hire a personal trainer for a few months on a tight budget – only to go back to my old habits just as soon as I faced a setback. In the last 7 years, my weight has fluctuated almost 40 pounds… and when I started this blog, I was seeing the highest numbers on the scales that I'd seen.

I need to get fit. I want to be a healthy weight. I want to feel confident in my clothes. I want to set goals – including big goals like a half marathon – and accomplish them. 

Follow me on this blog to support me as I share about my struggles and accomplishments during my journey!

*** PLEASE NOTE: I am not a doctor, fitness expert, or dietitian. Nor am I here to offer expert advice on diet or exercise! Julie's contributions are also not to be considered expert advice, but rather as stories of her own personal experiences.***