Getting Stuff Done

When Julie and I started this blog, we discussed how part of this blog was about keeping us accountable. We had both previously started health/fitness/weight loss ventures that we quickly abandoned. We set goals and made resolutions outside of fitness and health that we have let fade into the background.

But sometimes, when a goal is shared out loud, it's easier to achieve. Once it's public, there is support, resources, and community.

I am very grateful for the supportive community I have here and I want to share! Every Monday, I'll host an "I am Getting Stuff Done" linkup.

If you have a goal you are working towards, blog it and link up! It can be any goal-- maybe you, too, are trying to drop some pounds. Or, maybe you want to feel good about how you look now. Or, maybe you are trying to get a better hold on your budget. Or maybe you are looking for a job or a house or in some other long term project. Or, maybe you just want to stop leaving dirty dishes in the sink. Or maybe it's something totally different. Whatever it is, I hope you'll share it here, either by blogging and linking, or by leaving a comment.  If you have something you don't want to share the specifics of, but would like to join in, you can say just that!

Every Monday, I'll check in and see how everyone is doing.

What to join me?? GREAT! All you need to do is....
  • Blog about your goal or project. (If you don't blog, that's ok, skip down to the last bullet point)
  • Link up to our weekly post! Let me know how your goal or project is going!
  • Grab the button from the sidebar! Help spread the word and grow a community of supporters. Let everyone know you are holding yourself accountable and getting stuff done! (You don't have to do this, but it's be fun if you did!)
  • If you don't blog, you can participate by commenting on the weekly posts.